Cutting Your Curls

Many women have curly hair; some embrace it while others style or straighten it to eliminate frizz. Those who don’t have it envy it, and those who do don’t want it. One of the problems with curly hair is that it can be hard to manage without the right haircut or styling products. The Looking Glass stays up to date on all of the newest styles and has its hair stylists trained accordingly.

Let The Looking Glass help you to regain the confidence to maneuver and maintain your curls. It is time to let your natural beauty shine.

The cut
Give your curly hair the attention that it deserves with a Ouidad haircut from The Looking Glass salon! Curly hair is unique and should be treated that way. Ouidad is a trademarked cutting technique, designed specifically for people with curly hair. Ouidad allows you to embrace your curly hair in an entirely new way.

The method
Ouidad is a carving and slicing method of cutting curly hair that removes that unwanted bulk. Removing bulk prevents your hair from looking thin on the top, and too thick on the bottom aka the “pyramid effect.”. This approach identifies, liberates, and enhances the natural pattern of each of your curls so that they fit perfectly within one another.

Call The Looking Glass today! Schedule your Ouidad cut or consultation, and take your curls by storm! What are you waiting for? Leave your hair in the hands of one of the experienced hair salon specialists at The Looking Glass, and unleash your beauty! You can trust us to make sure that your hair looks amazing each and every time that you come to visit us.

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